A Mother’s Day Gift to Myself

by liza

This is a piece I sent out to my circle of women friends 6 years ago on my first Mother’s Day as a mom. It was written by Nancy McBrine Sheehan. As I read it again on this eve of Mother’s Day 2011, I find I am still learning many of these lessons. I realize, it may take me a lifetime, but whenever I touch this path in the slightest, I can feel a beautiful, happy, and strong difference in Luna, and in myself.   And so, I commit to you, to Luna, and to my coming child that I will always do my best to bring myself back to this path. I write it here today thereby giving you all permission to hold me to it and so that you too may give yourself permission to live a fulfilling life.

Mothering Myself

In a society preoccupied with how best to raise a child,

I’m finding a need to mesh what’s best for my children with what’s necessary for a well balanced mother. Keep Reading »

The Underbelly of My Belly

by liza

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been uninspired. Blah about everything. I feel heavy, lethargic, tired. I can’t  get up and dance with Luna even if she tries to lure me with her favorite Michael Jackson tunes. I feel a lot of fear. I feel protective. I’ve completely lost my filter for what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. My truth seems to be involuntarily spilling out of my mouth at inopportune moments and I’m offending people left and right. I haven’t even been enjoying Ayan’s food. Nothing he cooks excites me anymore. And worst of all, my “mimis” as Luna likes to call them are enormous, and I’ve got a good 5-10 pounds of extra padding all over my body. Every time I catch my reflection in a window – by accident – I sink deeper into depression.

But today’s a new day. March 1st has arrived. Finally. The sun is shining. I’ve seen some flowers peek out of the ground here and there. The prairie dogs are squeaking on the path to Wonderland Lake here in in Boulder. Things are looking up.

Winter Blues? I don’t think so.

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Democratizing Free Travel

by liza

One of the things you’ll find when perusing this website is that I love coaching. I’m particular about who I work with. (Having been an acupuncturist for years, I’ve found that many people ask for help but actually don’t want to make changes.)  I’m also specific on what I focus on. (Since there are enough Life Coaches out there, I figure, it would be more beneficial if I just stick to my unique ability rather than cover lots of ground.)

Dream in Clear Vivid Color

What I enjoy doing more than anything is create Clarity & Strategy in the minds of my clients.  Many of us are moving & working towards one goal or another – pay the bills, buy a car, buy a house etc…without ever having stopped to think about what it is we really want in the first place. Without a dream and a clear goal, people are moving on some kind of hamster wheel to nowhere.  I LOVE helping people get crystal clear about what they really want. I require dreaming in high definition.The Aha’s, the relief, the enthusiasm and new energy people suddenly find when they can name their dreams and have concrete plans to get there – is worth every minute I spend working. Personally, I never asked myself the question until I was in my late 20’s and then it took me a decade to peel away the layers of social and family expectations to really figure it out. Life is too short to waste that much time. Keep Reading »

Hope, Hate, Love, & Fear

by liza

Do people really respond better to messages of fear & hate than they do to messages of love and hope?

I have been fascinated by this question all my life. It has been on my mind lately because of my recent study of  business & entrepreneurship.  All the classic books on marketing & advertising teach the same dark message. Market to people’s fear, advertise to people’s sense of lack. Infuse a sense of urgency and scarcity. You can only imagine that this goes against every fiber of my being. After all, I am a leader in Team Northrup, a group of people that base our entire sales philosophy on the Law of Abundance, Attraction, & Prosperity in order to succeed.

The three responses to pain

Life isn’t just made up of marketing and advertising maxims…so I turn to my life experience to explore the subject. This is what I have found. Keep Reading »

Gently Down The Stream

by ayan

One of my all time favorite films is Babette’s Feast. My take on the film… it’s about a woman who loves what she does.  She is an artist.  What she does is make great food  regardless of how it is received.  Some call this being authentic.  I do agree with this idea of authenticity.  As long as what’s authentic is allowed to change tomorrow and the next day.

Anyway, Babette wins the lottery and takes all the winnings to cook a feast for friends and the town folk. For the most part, the sublime meal isn’t received the way the gourmands of Paris have in her distant past. But it doesn’t matter really. She is just rowing her boat downstream. Doing her thing.

Living with Ease, Happiness, and Love Keep Reading »