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Healthy Fat AvocadoIf we have any interest in making the most of the lives we have on this earth – taking care of our health is our top concern. The state of our health determines not
just how long we live but more importantly, the quality of our lives. We want the energy we need to do the things we want and to enjoy ourselves along the way. Every single symptom whether it be allergy-induced sinus congestion, achy joints from arthritis, itchy skin from eczema, or fear of an asthma attack, a heart attack, or even a scary diagnosis- blocks us from living our lives to the fullest.

What about our emotional wellbeing? The slightest depression keeps us from moving our bodies which contributes to more depression and traps us in a cycle we can’t seem to break. Anxiety, anger, insecurity, reactionary behavior, co-dependence, fear of intimacy – these keep us from being our best selves, from being in relationship, from receiving love, and from connecting with others. What is life without connection?

Do we have a healthy relationship with money? Are we living or are we just surviving? Are we financially literate, financially secure, financially independent, or are we scraping by and storing the weight of our debt in our cells? Is money a dirty word that we avoid at all costs or do we know its place in our lives and have a healthy view on its value.

Can we solve these problems without pills and more pills? The answer is YES. A resounding YES.

10565210_10152614575860833_8042784484101264524_nAfter we’ve researched every website under the sun for solutions, and we’ve tried every medicine we can think of, we find that the way we live our lives is the single most determining factor in our health. Genetics do play a role but the choices we make day in and day out far outweigh the health we inherit. The upside to this is that feeling energized every day is within our reach. The downside, there is no magic pill – we have to make it happen ourselves.

We all take one kind of medicine or another to heal different aspects of our lives. Some people self medicate with alcohol, drugs, or internet addiction. Others choose the more conventional route of surgery, pharmaceuticals, and psychotherapy. Still others choose the natural route of body work, herbal remedies, and energy healing. All of these and many more make up the treasure chest of medicine we turn to in order to resolve our issues.

Lifestyle Medicine is the medicine we choose when we realize that the answer to our problems is found by taking inventory of our lives, taking a magnifying glass to our actions, and by taking a good long look in the mirror. In what ways do we sabotage our own lives by the choices we make? What do we choose to eat? How do we feel when we wake up in the morning? Are we truly nourishing our bodies so that we may actually get the results we are looking for? How unconscious are we of our daily habits? What’s our spending like? How much or how little do we sleep? How abusive is our self-talk?  Is there a discrepancy between our principles and our day to day choices? Are we living our values or betraying our truths?

Lifestyle medicine is the modification of daily habits for the purpose of vibrant health, true connection, financial security, and more joy. Lifestyle medicine is the process of eliminating the distractions in our lives one by one with as little judgement as humanly possible. Lifestyle medicine is the discovery and release of energy and strength we didn’t know we had. Our aim is to make the unconscious choices conscious thereby making daily choices from a place of knowing rather than ignoring the truths we find about ourselves along the way.  If we can reframe our daily motivation from avoiding pain to choosing health, we win.



Making a change in our lifestyle is no easy feat.
It takes emotional courage, ruthless honesty, and a friend.
If you agree that physical health, financial security, and emotional fitness are the cornerstones of a joyful life;
if you have what it takes to make this courageous journey;
if you’re finally ready to wreak havoc and intervene in the life you’ve been living so far,
then there’s only one thing left to do;
call me.


I bring together my Masters in Chinese Medicine, a thorough understanding of the energetics of food, unbiased evidence-based studies, 10 years of practice in the healing arts, 12 years of entrepreneurship and money studies, my coaching skills, and my uncanny intuitive streak to personalize and customize a lifestyle plan that fits you like a glove.

Together we will lay down foundational healthy habits one at a time so that they become what I call non-negotiables in your day-to-day life. Ultimately, you will have the knowledge you need to take back your health, to manage your own symptoms, to cultivate joy, and to feel better than ever.

“Liza is to coaching what the laser is to surgery. She vaporizes blocks and limiting beliefs with no bleeding, scarring or recovery time.”  Deborah Kern, Ph.D.


lifestyle consult

Your first session is your most important. I will take an extremely thorough intake either in person or via Skype or FaceTime (face to face time is crucial at this step). During this intake, I ask many questions and I incorporate deep listening in order to fully grasp your health goals, what may be getting in your way, and what the easiest next steps would be given your particular lifestyle.

Once our session is done, I distill all of the info I received during our session both conscious and unconscious, actual and intuitive, and I write up an LMR (Lifestyle Medicine Recommendations) complete with a clear vision of what you are most trying to achieve, necessary interventions, nutritional recommendations that fit into your lifestyle, and a few suggestions that will be outside your comfort zone (just in case you are on the fast track to health.) 1 hour intake + Lifestyle Medicine Recommendations $198.

“Liza’s ability to see and communicate the truth in any situation is astounding and inspiring. Liza emanates intense focus on the heart of the matter. She’s tenacious and takes an unyielding stand to bring out the best in herself and those who are lucky enough to work with her closely.”Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story


nutrition-only consult

What you eat is the biggest factor of all in determining how you feel. If you want to focus on nutrition alone and you feel like you could use some guidance in that arena, I gladly offer a deep dive into your daily eating rituals and your food choices during a one hour session via Skype or FaceTime. Within 24 hours of our session together, you will then receive a detailed Nutrition Consult Summary that clarifies steps you could take to move forward.  It often takes time to transition into new habits and laying them down one at a time is often the best path to take when you are looking for lasting change. Your path can be gradual or your path can be instant. This will depend on the unique stressors in your life at the moment and the Nutrition Consult Summary takes all of that into consideration. 1 hour intake + Nutrition Consult Summary $198.

“Liza has been an invaluable resource for me and my own health. I can say that I feel changed each and every time we meet, with a new awareness of what aspects of my health most need my attention. I recommend Liza to all my clients who present with challenges or a desire to make subtle, acute, or long term changes in their health.” Kerry Lewis, Owner/Director, The Integrated Body


support between sessions

Once you’ve had your first session and received your report, you will have jump-started your journey to feeling your best. Many people feel the need for support once this consult is over but don’t feel ready to spend the money on weekly or even monthly sessions with me. In this case, you can have full access to me via email. You can send me an email 24/7 for a whole month and I commit to responding within 24 hours to any email you send to me (within reason). $144.

“Liza has many “zones of genius”, but for me, her coaching is IT. Her style of coaching allows you to bypass the BS and get to the root of your issue(s). Liza always has my best interest at heart.”Michele Martaus, Owner, School of Physical Arts,



If you’ve had an initial session or have been making use of my email support between sessions and could really use some one on one time with me again, book a 30 or 60 minute session with me to connect by phone, Skype, or FaceTime at a reduced rate.
30 minutes $54. 60 minutes $108.

“I highly recommend Liza’s unique approach for anyone who wants to take charge of their personal health issues and actualize their life’s purpose.” – Kim Speek, Boulder, CO