Laying my cards out on the table here (as if I knew how to do it any other way).

by liza

I have been putting off launching this blog FOR-E-VER because there’s nothing I hate more than pigeon-holing myself into a corner I can’t get out of. And yet every online course, ebook and guru teaches the same lesson. Pick a niche and pick a market if you want to be successful. I’m in that awkward what’s-next-for-me period of my life so I’ve come up with my own rules of engagement in order to feel comfortable taking this next step. This is my blog after all and I’ve decided to run it the way I run the rest of my life. I lay all the cards out on the table at the outset. If you want to hang with me, follow me, join me, read my words, or subscribe – great!! If not, that’s cool too. Life’s too short to try and make you all happy.

Without further lion’s roar.

I’m in transition so I reserve the right to change my mind often. I may blog every two weeks, every month, or once a day or irregularly. My posts will likely vary between topics like nutrition, environmentalism, art, anatomy, core strength, politics, self awareness, dance, or parenting. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up giving up on the whole branding-blogging-technological-social media idea altogether in favor of some serious face to face community brick and mortar operation. Maybe I’ll end up an inner city school teacher like I started out when I first graduated. One day, I may rail against the notion of a J-O-B. The next day, I’ll fantasize about being CEO. Who knows where I’ll end up? I ask for your patience during my discovery process for what’s next for me. All I know is that I won’t commit to any one particular niche nor will I cater to any one specific market. What I am committing to is straight up ruthless honesty and personal integrity.

And know this. For all the articles that guide you towards or warn you against this or that diet, drug, herb, food, politician, corporation, belief, or religion – there is no idea left in the world that cannot be “researched and proven.” Everyone on the internet is now an author, publisher, and expert and anything you find on the web is considered valid and true by someone. So I just don’t find any point in contributing further to that noise with MY version of truth. What I do want to do more than anything is to CONNECT. If you think I’m out of line, let me know – nicely. If you whole-heartedly agree, sing it. If you have a better idea, contribute it ASAP.

Truth is subjective and yours is welcome here.

In my house, if it resonates with YOU and you experience it YOURSELF, then it’s YOUR TRUTH and it’s valid. And what’s more, if you don’t offer up your truth, I lose. So when you comment – know that you can state your opinion, you can venture a guess, or you can relay your experience – it will all be welcome – and it will most definitely teach me and others something we need to hear. Your voice matters – as long as it’s your truth and as long as you are not trying to force it on anybody. There will be no preaching, not by you and not by me. You can agree or you can disagree and I do enjoy a good debate. But in the end, I have only one hard fast rule. If anything you say or do harms any person, animal, or the earth – think twice. Those kinds of comments won’t be welcome. Yes there are exceptions to this rule (e.g. self defense), but in general, I find that adhering to this one rule keeps my karma clean, my heart light, and my spirit free. So I’m sticking with it.

All we can do in our short time here is take responsibility for what we contribute to the world through our daily actions and behaviors. It’s no easy task – it takes vigilant self awareness and courage in spades. But taking just one step in the direction of personal responsibility yields almost instant rewards. If we each did this just a little bit more every day – we’d finally see the change we’ve all been yearning for. In fact, I have come to realize over these past 18 difficult months of my life, that taking responsibility for my behaviors and living my values has given me a deeper sense of contentment than anything else I have known. Doing no harm is my highest value and working towards living that value with every action and behavior now informs the way I speak to my children, the food I eat, and the companies I choose to support with my consumer dollars. More on that next time you hear from me.

A word of THANKS and a request: please subscribe and comment below.

I thank you for taking 5 minutes of your life to read what I have to say. I’d love to know who you are – what you think – how we differ – and where we connect. So drop me a line below and let me know. And..if you’re so inclined, do subscribe so I can drop these words in your email inbox next time. Email is so much more intimate than Facebook, don’t you think?

I’m psyched to see where this leads me next and I thank you for being my witness.

– liza (pronounced leeza)

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  1. Angela Grace
    Posted August 1, 2015 at 9:58 pm | Permalink


  2. Liza Pascal
    Posted August 8, 2015 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

    Angela. Thanks so so much for reflecting my excitement and expressing yours. It feels so good to be received, heard, and seen.

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