French Bacon

by ayan

My daughter came home one afternoon and asked me with full seriousness “Paka, do we have any French bacon?”

French bacon?  Luckily I was more amused than confused at her request.  Do I slip into mister sensible and ask her where she had heard of “French bacon?”  That would have registered zero on the fun meter.
My daughter just gave me an opening and I was fortunate to know not to disappoint. There was plenty of duck skin left from the previous night’s meal and there was her french bacon.  “I know what!  How about some pasta with french bacon?” I asked her.  (Spaghetti carbonara with crispy diced duck skin instead of bacon to you and me.)  “Yey!” she says.
This dish has been one of her all time favorites since that time.  The best thing about making crispy duck is the leftover skin that gets to be “French bacon” in one of the week’s meals.
I had a proud moment.  Did it with ease and happiness and that is how it went down.

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