don’t slug it out

by ayan
I woke up at 6:30 am excited for an hour of meditation before getting our 4 year old daughter ready for school.  She had other ideas and found me in the living room ten minutes later.  Ok.  Let her play and busy herself while I do my practice.  That lasted for five minutes before I gave in to her need for attention.  Practice is over. It’s early morning playtime for Deydey.
Around 7 am she excitedly tells me “Paka, I want to go to school now.”  She pops out of her play tent fully dressed for school.  Something is up.  Getting her clothes on in the morning is typically a wrestling match.   How do i tell a willful child who has yet to learn how to tell time that we are about an hour and a half from the start of school?  i try to explain.  I try to stall.  i joke about finding her teacher in the shower if we come in this early. I offer a yummy breakfast that usually works.  It doesn’t. Clearly these are unusual circumstances and the usual strategies won’t cut it.  As she puts on her boots and jacket I finally give in and let things play out.  I send her through the front door with school bag in hand to wait in the car while i get myself together and figure out how to whittle away 1 1/2 hours.  Stop at the pastry shop for a treat?  Pretend the car won’t start?  Hope she’ll just do her knitting in the car while she waits?  Fat chance… or so i thought.
“Paka !  Slugs! ” she hollers from the driveway.  I come out and find the driveway strewn with tiny slugs and earthworms that have come out from last night’s downpour.  This is biblical. I have my answer.   “Quickly!” I tell her,  “Put the worms back in the soil before the sun dries them up!”   I find her the perfect little twig and she dutifully goes about saving the worms and slugs by getting them back in the soil where they belong.  The early morning passes with my daughter fully absorbed with her task as I marvel at the miracle of the worms and slugs that have come to my rescue.

Morning lesson.  Remain still and let it unfold with ease.  She is here to school me.  Know that resistance is indeed futile and I move about more easily.  Happy morning Paka.

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