What’s Going’ On?

by liza
What's Going On Pic 1

I watched an extended interview on the Daily Show – then I went to NVC Family Camp – I met a group of Palestinians and Israelis who were at camp studying nonviolent communication – and as a result, I am now enrolling myself and my kids in wilderness awareness courses. There is a thread here. it is powerful; it is deep. And I am trying to find a way to unpack it all and I’m having trouble doing that all in one blog post. So if you will allow me the luxury of meandering down a path in my heart that is desperately looking for clarity, I’d be obliged.  I am asking for space to go on tangents, to reach conclusions that I may very Keep Reading…

French Bacon

by ayan

  My daughter came home one afternoon and asked me with full seriousness “Paka, do we have any French bacon?” French bacon?  Luckily I was more amused than confused at her request.  Do I slip into mister sensible and ask her where she had heard of “French bacon?”  That would have registered zero on the fun meter. My daughter just gave me an opening and I was fortunate to know not to disappoint. There was plenty of duck skin left from the previous night’s meal and there was her french bacon.  “I know what!  How about some pasta with french bacon?” I asked her.  (Spaghetti carbonara with crispy diced duck skin instead of bacon to you and me.)  “Yey!” she says. This dish has been Keep Reading…

don’t slug it out

by ayan

I woke up at 6:30 am excited for an hour of meditation before getting our 4 year old daughter ready for school.  She had other ideas and found me in the living room ten minutes later.  Ok.  Let her play and busy herself while I do my practice.  That lasted for five minutes before I gave in to her need for attention.  Practice is over. It’s early morning playtime for Deydey. Around 7 am she excitedly tells me “Paka, I want to go to school now.”  She pops out of her play tent fully dressed for school.  Something is up.  Getting her clothes on in the morning is typically a wrestling match.   How do i tell a willful child who has yet to learn Keep Reading…

Laying my cards out on the table here (as if I knew how to do it any other way).

by liza

I have been putting off launching this blog FOR-E-VER because there’s nothing I hate more than pigeon-holing myself into a corner I can’t get out of. And yet every online course, ebook and guru teaches the same lesson. Pick a niche and pick a market if you want to be successful. I’m in that awkward what’s-next-for-me period of my life so I’ve come up with my own rules of engagement in order to feel comfortable taking this next step. This is my blog after all and I’ve decided to run it the way I run the rest of my life. I lay all the cards out on the table at the outset. If you want to hang with me, follow me, join me, read my Keep Reading…

cockfights and muscle memory

by ayan
photo by Jake Rieman

On a trip back to the Philippines about 20 years ago, I found myself on a magical island known for its witchcraft and faith healers.  But alas this story is about neither of these. It’s about a Sunday afternoon jaunt to the local cockfighting arena.  This one was much smaller than the ones I recalled as a boy in Manila.  Imagine a dirt floor where two men each hold their fighting cocks primed for attack.  The place is oppressively hot.  The noise deafening.  The smell of cigarettes, beer, and sweat (intoxicating).  Bets are taken.  The announcer in the middle of the ring seems to have everyone twitching with anticipation.  Some of you are probably saying that this is no place for a boy and I Keep Reading…